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The Jersey Diary, Day 7: Having a Field Day

Updated: Oct 15, 2023

Our seventh day in Jersey proved to be a field day and a double whammy of fun - it was a day spectating competitive touch rugby intermingled with a day for soothing the senses out in a lavender farm.

Green Fields

True to form, soon after breakfast we caught the LibertyBus at Liberty Station and headed off to Les Quennevais Sports Centre and its playing fields which are located in St. Brèlade Parish in the southeast part of the Island. Once more we were excited and ready to support Barry and the Scottish squad throughout their numerous matches to be played that day, as well as for the following two days.

Supporting my Scotsman at Les Quennevais playing fields

Upon arrival to Les Quennevais playing fields we were able to see that its pitches are the largest in Jersey as all 8 were used throughout the competition. We also got to enjoy the Sports Centre Café des Sports facility whenever we had some downtime to eat and/or escape getting drenched from poor weather (which thankfully happened only once). The café offered a good range of food and drinks, and it was a perfect place to unwind while watching sport channels on their comfy sofas.

Barry's Parents Rooting for Scotland

Lavender Fields Forever

Later on the day, while Barry and the team had a break, we took a 10 minute walk from Les Quennevais to the Jersey Lavender farm, a small working farm that grows, nurtures, harvests and distills its own lavender. Barry and I had crafted into our itinerary this attraction site for we knew it was still harvest season (June to mid-August) and that there were two distillery talks, one at 11:30am and the other at 3:00pm.

It was an easy walk, but I would point out that it is not that well sign posted for visitors. The gentleman who gave the talk was fantastic due to his amusing way of presenting information. It was obvious that he knew, understood, worked in, and enjoyed the business. Undoubtedly, this talk/tour really helped us appreciate the lavender farm more so than just wandering around.

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Main Entrance to Jersey Lavender Farm
Side Entrance to Sprigs Café

We were lucky to be at the farm on a cool and lovely sunny day, which is the optimal way to the best experience. We got to wander in the beautiful and well manicured gardens, relax in the not-so-extensive fields, relish in homemade lavender treats from Sprigs Café (I enjoyed the lavender scones with a pot of lavender hot tea!), and got lovely lavender gifts in Sprigs Shop. I would suggest that an effort is made to visit the far end of the lavender field for there it is a free entrance into Reg's Garden, a 1.5 acre garden with a Fairy Garden and a large Koi garden with a waterfall.

Immersed in Jersey Lavender Farm Fields

After spending almost two peaceful hours in the Jersey countryside while learning the back drop to the lavender process, we walked back to Les Quennevais playing fields to capture more of Barry and the Scotland squad. The following two days we stayed

onsite enjoying the matches until the end of the competition. We were so pleased to witness Barry and the team win third place in the Mens Over 40 category! Their hard work and dedication throughout the course of 8 months definitely paid off. Well done team!

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Winning Streak

Our time in Jersey was coming to an end, and we were overjoyed knowing that we had successfully discovered the south of Jersey. For being a small 9 x 5 mile island, Jersey surprised all of us with how much it has to offer. No doubt we were left with the curiosity bug to return and venture into the northern part of the Island. We were very happy with ourselves and our well crafted itinerary.

On another note, we were ecstatic to have witnessed Barry's dream come to fruition of competing in the European Touch (Rugby) Championship. We could not have felt any prouder that day, and the team could not have felt any more relieved after four days of non-stop physically demanding matches. True to Scottish form, the team represented bonnie Scotland at the wrap up party with a 'hint' of Nigel Mansell.

Scotland's Mens Over 40 Squad Dressed as Nigel Mansell

Ready for a new destination? Join us for our next BESPOKE travel blog post which will be the first in a series of posts describing our trip to Poland. Twoje zdrowie (Cheers!)!

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