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The Jersey Diary, Day 5: Zen Day

Whenever Barry and I craft an itinerary for ourselves we always make sure we incorporate a day of rest while still making the most of the day. Day 5 happened to be that time and it was exceptionally memorable. Our morning took off with our typical scrumptious B&B breakfast and afterwards walked over to Liberation Square to take LibertyBus Route 1A over to Samarès Manor & Gardens, a manor house with its beginnings traced back to the 11th century surrounded by beautifully notable gardens which have been admired since the 1700s.

Chillaxing to the Max

Our research about Samarès Manor & Gardens proved to be right. It is a lovely place where everyone of all ages will find something to do but mostly enjoy and learn from its various sites such as the manor itself, the Rural Life & Carriage Museum, the Herb Garden, the Japanese Garden, the Water Garden, the Willow Labyrinth and the Herb Garden Café. We absolutely loved our four hour stay there, which we could easily have extended it by a few more hours.

Samarès Manor & Gardens

Japanese Gardens at Samarès Manor & Gardens

After taking the tour of the manor house (Jenny, our tour guide, was fantastic), which we highly recommend, and puttering around the gardens, we soaked the golden rays as we savored a light lunch at the café. There was no rush for anything other than to spend quality family time together. This was perfection. One could tell that everyone was basking in sunlight, happiness and tranquility while enjoying the day out in Samarès Manor & Gardens. It was a delight.

Water Garden

Proud As Can Be

Today happened to be a very special day. The day had finally arrived for the opening ceremony to the European Touch (Rugby) Championship! Barry arduously trained with the Scotland Squad for over 8 months to arrive to this moment when 54 teams from 14 nations would play it out to see who would become the next European Champions.

The time had come for Barry's parents and myself to start heading over to Howard Davis Park where the opening ceremony was to take place in mid afternoon. The three of us decided to walk to the park from the manor which took about 20 minutes at a nice pace. By the time we got to the park the atmosphere was one of high energy bustling with excitement. We got to relax on the lush green grass as we people watched, and ultimately cheered on over the 1,000 competitors with their respective nation flags as they kicked off the official start of the 'Euros'. The spirit of

sportsmanship was inevitably in the air.

Touch Rugby Scotland Squad at Howard Davis Park

Two Scottish Lassies


After the ceremony was over, and after having said goodbye to Barry, his parents and I strolled back into the center of St. Helier looking for a place to further unwind for our zen day. We unanimously decided to check out Zephyr, one of the Royal Yacht Hotel's restaurants, for it had al fresco area and we could continue deriving pleasure out of this perfect lazy summer day. Little did we know right then and there that we had begun a new tradition - this would become our hotspot to unwind after each day of touch rugby watching sprinkled with a few site seeing adventures. A glass of wine, a pint of lager, excellent company engrossed in good was a day like no other.

Happy Hour at Zephyr

Join us in our next BESPOKE travel blog post when we continue discovering local beauties such as a Victorian cast iron market hall which was opened in 1882, the charm of a harbour village, arguably one of the best spots in Jersey, and Les Quennevais sporting venue where the 'Euros' championship would unfold for the next four days.

Until then, happy reading and safe travels!


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