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Covid Guarantee

At Tailor-Made Itineraries, the health and safety of our clients is our first priority. We will always design your itinerary with this in mind and ensure that you have access to all relevant information pertaining to, not only Covid, but any other health and safety hazard at your destination. 

If your trip is cancelled due to the Covid pandemic, we pledge to create a new bespoke itinerary for your next trip free of charge,* even if your new trip is to a different location.


Similarly, if your trip is postponed to a later date, we pledge to update your bespoke itinerary free of charge,* and ensure that the itinerary is still appropriate and relevant.


* If your new trip is for more days than covered by the original bespoke itinerary, then an additional fee may be required. Likewise if your new trip includes more locations, i.e. the original trip was a city break, but the subsequent trip is now a road trip or multi-center trip, then an additional fee may be required. Please note that this guarantee only covers bespoke itineraries and does not cover Off-The-Shelf Itineraries.



Tailor-Made Itineraries will arouse a passion and love for travel through individually crafted self-guided tour itineraries.

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